1. General

Welcome to ‘Het Dorpslogement’. Before sending the bookingsform please read these Terms and Conditions. 

1.1 These Terms and Conditions apply to all guests at 'Het Dorpslogement'. 

1.2 The term ‘guest(s)’ also means ‘tenant(s)’ or ‘user(s)’.

1.3  Ingrid Oyevaar is the proprietor/owner/landlady of 'Het Dorpslogement'. The proprietor/owner/landlady can appoint a proxy.
       The term ‘proprietor’ also means ‘owner’ or ‘landlady’.

1.4  By confirming this booking these Terms and Conditions apply.

1.5  Guests at 'Het Dorpslogement' must have a permanent residence.

1.6  Guests must abide by the proprietor’s instructions.

1.7  In case of breach of the Terms and Conditions and/or the house rules, or in case of inappropriate behaviour, the proprietor retains the right
       to evict and/or refuse guests at ‘Het Dorpslogement’ without prior notice or stating any reasons and without reimbursement.

1.8  The proprietor’s administration is determinative in the case of disputes unless the guests can prove otherwise.

1.9  Guests at 'Het Dorpslogement' must abide by the house rules which they have received upon booking and are available for consultation at 'Het Dorpslogement'.

2. Prices

2.1 Prices include gas, water, electricity and heating, including VAT. 

2.2 Prices do not include travel insurance.

2.3 Prices for the accommodation are subject to change.

2.4 Prices and costs are subject to error.

3. Booking and confirmation

3.1 The rental agreement can be entered into verbally, by telephone, in writing or via e-mail.

3.2 After receiving your booking request, the proprietor will send confirmation accompanied by an invoice (subject to availability). After this the booking is final.

3.3 There are no reservation fees for booking ‘Het Dorpslogement’.

4. Payment

4.1 All accommodation costs must be paid by bank transfer no later than two weeks prior to arrival.

4.2 If booking less than two weeks in advance, accommodation costs must be paid by bank transfer immediately.

4.3 If payment has not been made two days after the final date, the booking will be cancelled.

4.4 Payments to be made to bank account NL29 ABNA 0589 010131 in the name of I.N. OYEVAAR and stating the invoice number.

4.5 Additional costs such as drinks or gifts must be paid in cash upon departure. Prices can be found on the list in the entrance hall of ‘Het Dorpslogement’.

4.6  If you happen to pass by and would like to spend the night, you will receive your invoice and must pay in cash (debit/credit card payment not available) at that time.

5. Cancellation

5.1 If you need to cancel your booking, please inform the proprietor as soon as possible so the room(s) can be made available again.

5.2 In order to be eligible for a (if applicable), your cancellation must be sent to 'Het Dorpslogement’ in writing (post or e-mail).

6. Liability

6.1 All risks connected to a stay at ‘Het Dorpslogement’ are to be borne by the guests.

6.2 The proprietor cannot be held responsible for personal injuries resulting from a stay at the accommodation.

6.3 All damages to the property and possessions of the proprietor must be reported and the proprietor reimbursed by the guests.

6.4 The proprietor is not responsible for damage to, loss or theft of the guests’ belongings. In the case of a dispute all (legal) costs shall be borne by the guests.

6.5 In case of loss of the keys to 'Het Dorpslogement' all costs resulting from this loss will be charged to the guests.

6.6 The proprietor can only be held responsible for damage resulting from gross negligence on the  part of the proprietor (not including consequential loss).

7. Airbnb

7.1    Bookings can be made via Airbnb.

7.2    Prices and conditions for bookings via Airbnb may differ from prices and conditions on this website.

7.3    Where prices and conditions for bookings via Airbnb differ from prices and conditions on this website, prices and conditions from Airbnb have precedence
         over prices and conditions on this website. In all other instances the Terms and Conditions on this website apply.

8. Number of persons

8.1    The accommodation is rented out to a maximum of 4 persons. 

8.2    The tenant must be at least 21 years old and must be present throughout the entire rental period.

9. Smoking and pets

9.1    Smoking indoors is prohibited.

9.2    No pets allowed.

10. Check in and check out

10. 1    Check in from 3 pm.

10. 2   Check out at 10.30 am at the latest.

Have a pleasant stay at ‘Het Dorpslogement’. Return to the booking form.